Where it all started...

It all began with a heartfelt vision: to make the incredible benefits of moringa tea available to everyone. As I started brewing the tea and experiencing its remarkable mental and physical health benefits within my own circle of friends and family, I became inspired to share it with the world. I was driven by a deep commitment to provide this nourishing elixir to all individuals, envisioning a world where everyone could enjoy the transformative effects of moringa in a single, flavorful cup.

About the Founder

Once upon a time, there was a Human who was/is a Threat Researcher/Engineer, Advanced Yoga practitioner, and a Yogini—who possessed an ordinary background that shaped her remarkable vision. Having spent seven years immersed in the corporate world, she keenly observed the struggle faced by many young professionals in maintaining a delicate balance of physical and mental health. Frequently, they would resort to various forms of addiction, with coffee being the most common crutch. Recognizing the significance of both mental and physical well-being, she made it her mission to prioritize them throughout her career.

As her journey unfolded, herbal teas became a cherished tool for nurturing her well-being and fostering a sense of harmony in her life. Driven by her deep understanding and expertise, she took it upon herself to personally craft each and every Ojasvit blend. With meticulous care and attention to detail, she ensured that every blend bore the imprint of her unwavering commitment to excellence.

And so, armed with her diverse knowledge, guided by her expertise and fueled by her personal journey, she crafted a tapestry of herbal teas that resonated with the very essence of her vision. Each sip of Ojasvit tea became an invitation to experience the transformative power of nature. Through her dedication and passion, she aimed to ignite a sense of well-being in the lives of those who embraced her carefully curated blends.